Their Royal Majesties of the Kingdom of the Middle, King Cellach and Queen Vukasin and Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Alric and Princess Katherine, have graciously accepted our invitation to attend the Regular Event in the Cleftlands. We have received word from the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc that Their Highnesses Sven and Siobhan will be in attendance as well.


Please take this opportunity to demonstrate the hospitality of the Barony and region by volunteering as a retainer or royalty room guard during the event. Sign up below for retaining or guard room shifts:


Donations of largesse are welcome. They may be delivered to me on the day of the event or at meetings prior to the event. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Please visit Their Majesties’ webpage  or Their Highness’ webpage for information regarding preferences.

Royalty Luncheon

If you would like to assist with the Royalty Luncheon, please contact me. A winter-inspired menu is being planned.


Baroness Gianna Vettori