Classroom 1Classroom 2Classroom 3
10:00How to tie a Turk's Head Knoti.33
10:30Laurel Show & Tell (Private)
11:00Detached Button Hole StitchBirka Grave 944 Possament (90 Minutes)Laurel Meeting (Private)
12:00Beginning MacraméBody Linen Basics
1:00Medieval and Renaissance Codes and CiphersFiore's DaggerIntro to Archery Equipment
2:00Text to TaleSweetmeatsIntro to Archery Marshaling
3:0014th Century Veils and HairstylesHow can the SCA work on my résumé?Medieval Horse Barding Types
  • 14th Century Veils and Hairstyles – An overview class of common veils and hairstyles found in Western European images. Some of the styles will be demonstrated. Ages: All, under 12 with adult supervision [Instructor: THLady Sarai Tindall Sogliano]
  • Beginning Macramé – Come learn about the history of macramé before the tacky plant hangers of the 70’s and learn all the basic knots you need to start almost any macramé project of your own. Ages: 13+ [Instructor: Rosie Dubroc]
  • Birka Grave 944 Possament – Come learn about a different style of Viking Wire work: Possament. Possament is a knotted wire form of embellishment found among the graves at Birka. Come learn about Possament, the materials it was originally made from and leave with a piece of possament in the style of the find from Birka Grave 944 made by your own hand! Ages: 15+ [Instructor: Lady Mar’itsa Sumnikova]
  • Body Linen Basics – Why body linens are important and a quick tutorial on basic shirt/smock construction. [Instructor: THLady Odette d’Amboise]
  • Cleftlands Baronial History Panel – A discussion of the history of the Cleftlands, by the people who were there. Hear stories about the barony’s early days from two of the gentles who helped get Cleveland’s SCA chapter get started by one one of the founding members and premier baron, Duke Laurelen Darksbane. The audience is invited to share their own memories and stories. [Instructor: Duke Laurelen Darksbane and Duke Alen Elegil, 2nd Floor, Great Hall at 3 PM]
  • Detached Button Hole Stitch – Unrelated to an actual buttonhole, this stitch is from the Elizabethan Era. It is a full stitch seen commonly on hats, jackets, and sweet bags. Items will be provided for the class. Ages 16+. [Instructor: THLady Dulcia Wylde]
  • Field Guide to Byzantine Icons – In the Orthodox Churches, icons were used as tools for education and worship by an illiterate population. This class gives an overview of the visual language of Byzantine iconography and how to interpret it. Ages: All, under 12 with adult supervision [Instructor: Lady Nichola Beese]
  • Fiore’s Dagger – Learn the fundamentals of how to use and defend yourself against a medieval dagger, circa 1409. Wear loose, comfortable, clothing; bring a fencing mask, gorget, and gloves if you have them. Training daggers will be provided. Ages: 15+ [Instructor: Master Derian le Breton]
  • How Can the SCA Work on My Résumé – Translation of SCA terminology into a modern business setting to better your résumé. Ages: 16+ [Instructor: Sir Krisztian Von Atzinger]
  • i.33 – Buckler techniques accurately recreated from the sources for a complete and consistent theory of their application. Ages: 16+ [Instructor: Sir Krisztian Von Atzinger]
  • Intro to Archery Equipment – [Instructor: Lady Gwyneth Cole]
  • Intro to Archery Marshaling – [Instructor: Lady Gwyneth Cole]
  • Medieval and Renaissance Codes and Ciphers – How do you send a secret message? How do you decipher a message you’ve intercepted? We’ll test some medieval and Renaissance techniques and strategies. Ages: 15+ [Instructor: Dame Ursula Georges]
  • Medieval Horse Barding Types – This class is an overview of the different types of barding or “horse clothing” worn by horses in the Middle Ages. Breyer model horses will be used to display the equestrian fashions of the times. [Instructor: Lady Rhiannon filial Catell]
  • SCA 101 – Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism. This is a question-and-answer session introducing new members to the terminology and some of the things that this Society does. [Instructor: Lord Jack Black of Flint, Kingdom Chatelaine, Newcomer’s Point (Gate) at 2 PM]
  • Stability, Strength, and Flexibility: Yoga for Fighters – Many fighters struggle with soreness and injuries, especially to knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders. Joint stability, core strength, and overall flexibility are the keys to avoiding injuries and being able to fight without next-day consequences. This class focuses on stretches and basic routines to keep yourself in the fight. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Please wear clothes that you can easily stretch in, and feel free to bring a yoga mat or towel. Some motions will require being on the floor. [Instructor: Maestra Mirabai Sitt Al-Sirr, Rapier List at 10 AM]
  • Sweetmeats – Come and learn how to make these little treats and find out how they have evolved over time from ancient Egypt to today. Bring a small plastic bag if you want to take home a sample if there are any left. There is a 1.00 charge for the handout which includes recipes. No limit on class size. Not suited to people with nut allergies. Ages: 12+ [Instructor: Baroness Madelaine Bouvier]
  • How to tie a Turk’s Head Knot – This hands-on class covers how to tie the Turk’s Head knot, a knot commonly used for tassels on pouches. Student should be able to leave the class knowing how to tie this knot, but the handout will have a contain video links for students to practice on their own afterwards. All materials included.  Ages: 16+ [Instructor: Baron Edward Brackenburye]
  • Text to Tale – Learn a simple and proven technique for turning textual source material into a compelling storytelling performance. Ages: 13+ parental discretion advised [Instructor: THLord Brendan O Corraidhe]