Location: 2nd Floor, Great Hall Dance Floor
Open dance will take place from 1 PM until 3 PM. Dances will be taught prior to dancing and may include: Black Alman, Black Nag, , Bransle Charlotte, Bransle Montarde, Bransle Suite (Clog, Hermits, Horses, Pease, Washerwoman’s), Carolingian Pavane, Chestnut, Clifton Court Alman, Gathering Peasecods, Hearts Ease, Horses Bransle, Jenny Pluck Pears, John Tallis’ Canon, Korobushka, La Danse du Cleves, Ly Bens Distonys, Maiden Lane, New Boe Peep, New Yer, Petit Rose, Petit Vriens, Road to the Isles, Rufty Tufty, Saltarello la Regina, SCA Maltese Bransle, Sellengers Round, War Bransle, or others upon request.

The Honorable Lady Ginevra Boscoli (send email)