Location: 2nd Floor, Great Hall
The merchants are nestled in the Great Hall on the second floor of the facility and are accessible via the grand staircase or elevator.

  • Argents Trading House – A purveyor of fine trim, trimmings, buttons, belly dance accessories, costume books, jewelry, patterns and other miscellany, formerly The Pillaged Village. (Website)
  • Munitions Grade Arms – Rattan, fiberglass spears, thrusting tips, and basic armor. (Website)
  • Nonna’s Mugs & Jugs – Hand crafted ceramic earthenware offerings of SCA relevance, wide range of recreation pieces, and available for commission work by Mistress Nonna.
  • The Dragon’s Nest – Stuff for famlies in the SCA, including: adjustable apron dresses, hoods, other things to make life with kids easier and or more enjoyable. (Website)
  • The Jade Merchant – Ancient artifacts and jade pieces, 3500 BC to 1900 AD.
  • UnCommon Clay – A fine selection of hand-made pottery and alpaca fleece. (Website)
Merchanting at Regular Event

Merchant space is full, but we’re taking names in the event someone cancels! If you would like to merchant at Regular Event, please register online.