9:00Site Opens
Breakfast Tavern Opens2nd Floor, Great Hall
All Lists: Inspections & AuthorizationsGymnasium
10:00Youth Armored (Boffer) List OpensYouth List
40th Anniversary Display Opens2nd Floor, Great Hall
Largesse Display Opens2nd Floor, Great Hall
Class: Stability, Strength, and Flexibility - Yoga for Fighters Rapier List
Class: How to tie a Turk's Head KnotClassroom 1
Class: i.33Classroom 2
10:30Laurel Show & Tell (Private) Classroom 3
Breakfast Tavern Closes
11:00Tournament: Atlantian Speed TourneyRapier List
Bardic Performances Open2nd Floor, Great Hall
Youth Point Opens1st Floor, Gate Hallway
Class: Detached Button Hole StitchClassroom 1
Class: Birka Grave 944 Possament (90 min)Classroom 2
Laurel Meeting (Private) Classroom 3
11:30Lunch Tavern Opens2nd Floor, Great Hall
Tournament: HRM's Six Foot SpearArmored List
Tournament: Une Grande Behourd Dans CleftlandsArmored List
12:00Youth Armored (Boffer) List ClosesYouth List
Class: Beginning MacraméClassroom 1
Class: Body Linen BasicsClassroom 3
12:15Tournament: HolmgangArmored List
1:00Tournament: à Plaisance for RansomArmored List
Youth Rapier Tournament: Dragons and PuppiesRapier List
Youth Armored (Boffer) List OpensYouth List
Bardic Performances Close
Open Dancing2nd Floor, Great Hall
Class: Medieval and Renaissance Codes and CiphersClassroom 1
Class: Fiore's DaggerClassroom 2
Class: Intro to Archery EquipmentClassroom 3
Chatelaine's Round Table1st Floor, Near Gate
1:30Lunch Tavern Closes
2:00Class: Text to TaleClassroom 1
Class: SweetmeatsClassroom 2
Class: Intro to Archery MarshalingClassroom 3
Class: SCA 1011st Floor, Near Gate
3:00Tournament: Ladder of RenownArmored List
Tournament: Valhalla Circle-of-DeathRapier List
Youth Armored (Boffer) List Closes
Open Dancing Ends
Class: 14th Century Veils & HairstylesClassroom 1
Class: How can the SCA work on my résumé?Classroom 2
Class: Medieval Horse Barding TypesClassroom 3
Class: Cleftlands Baronial History Panel2nd Floor, Great Hall
4:00Largesse Challenge Closes
4:30Youth Point Closes
All Combat Lists Close
5:00Fashion ShowGymnasium
6:30Feast2nd Floor, Great Hall
9:00Site Closes