facebookThe Shire of Falcon’s Quarry welcomes you to the Middle Kingdom Rose Tournament on Saturday, September 20th at the Ukrainian American Youth Association Resort, home of Northern Oaken War Maneuvers.

Rose Tournament Tradition

The Rose Tournament embodies not only the chivalric virtues, but the fanfare and pageantry of the middle ages. Participants are encouraged to dress themselves as well as their their day camps and fighting gear as a reflection. Take the field with courtesy, courage, and inspiration for all represented in the name of courtly love.

The Ladies of the Rose cordially invite all royal consorts, including sitting royals, to sponsor a team of champions for this tournament.

Each team shall be comprised of seven members, numbering one member of the chivalry, three unbelted armored combatants, two rapier combatants, and an archer.  While many teams are selected in advance, there are often positions available on the day of the tournament. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to polish speaking skills and present a wish to join a team for the Rose or Royal Consort of your choosing.

Event Location

Ukrainian American Youth Association Resort
47890 Bursley Road
Wellington, OH 44090

Event Fee

Adults (18+) = $10
Children (17 and under) = $FREE
Non-Member Surcharge = $5


If you would like to camp, you may do so at the going rate for the campgrounds: $15 per day (i.e. Friday OR Saturday) or $25 for the weekend. Otherwise, please see a small selection of local hotels. There is no SCA rate package being offered.

  • Super 8 Elyria – 910 Lorain Blvd, Elyria OH (~$50 per night)
  • Ramada Elyria – 1825 Lorain Blvd, Elyria, OH ( ~$55 per night)
  • Red Roof Inn and Suites Elyria – 621 Midway Blvd, Elyria, OH