Youth Point


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Youth Point


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Youth Point

Greetings! NOWM is just around the corner and YOUTH POINT needs your help! We have great activities planned such as a mini hafla, scavenger hunt, and a bubble battle, scheduled between 1:30 and 4:30. As always, we can use VOLUNTEERS such as instructors for dancing and drumming (2:15-3:00), bubble blowers (4:15 – 4:30 or we run out), and general helpers throughout. We also welcome DONATIONS for the activities including yarn for tassel making, empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls for sword making, duct tape for sword/shield decoration, and bubble wands or loan of bubble guns. Come join the fun and support the Youth who are the future of our Society!

Youth Point Schedule

1:30 PM Tassel Belt Making
2:15 PM Dance Instruction
3:00 PM Scavenger Hunt
3:30 PM Sword & Shield Making / Decorating
4:15 PM Bubble Battle