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  • Caitlin’s Cloaks - Ladies and men’s garb – cloaks, chemises, tunics, pants, dresses, middle eastern, sundry table items.
  • Domenica’s Fine Fashions – Handcrafted garb in many styles, specializing in late-period. Clothing available off-the-rack or custom-made to your size and color specifications. Online at: www.domenicasfinefashion.etsy.com or on Facebook at Domenica’s Fine Fashions.
  • Enchanted Mountain Armoury – Armour and combat related goods.
  • The Everything Nice Pantry - Homemade Jams and jellies.
  • Fantasy Engravings - Custom engraved rings, stamped in runes, Elven, and alphabet.
  • Field of Honour Armor - Chain maile armor, waxed leather brigandine armor, heavy duty belt pouches, suede shoulder sacks, belts, NEW hand made cabochon jewelry, books, and assorted other items.
  • Holly Leaf Handcrafts - Jewelry with splashes of elegant, yet whimsical color, to let your beauty shine and woven jute belts to do what belts do best.
  • Knights Of The Classroom, LLC - Chainmail. Everything from armour to fine jewelry to artistic sculptures and household items.
  • MacTalis Ironworks - Hand-forged period and non-period blacksmithing and forge-goods.
  • Misty Moonlight Designs – Wire and bead jewelry and decor.
  • Munitions Grade Arms - Rattan, Thrusting Tips.
  • Roma Wear - Middle eastern dance wear, jewelry, tankards, general garb.
  • Wandering Wood - Carved and decorated wooden objects with a medieval theme.
  • The Woven Word - Handwoven goods including inkle bands, belts and trim. Handwoven shawls in wool and cotton, leg wraps and hoods. Custom orders accepted.

Hours of Operation

  • Friday, 5:00-9:00pm Friday (optional)
  • Saturday, 10:00am-7:00pm
  • Sunday, 10;00am-noon (optional)


Roam NOWM is a scavenger hunt: Visit each merchant and get the merchant to answer a question to which only he/she knows the answer. The merchant must also mark your entry form. When you’ve completed your form, drop it off by 4pm Saturday at the Magic Carpet Kavehane. Winners will be drawn from all completed entries. Entry forms will be available at the Kavehane on the Village Green. (Many merchants will have them as well.) Prizes are donated by the merchants and will be on display (as available) near the Kavehane. The drawing will be done at the Kavehane at 4pm Saturday, and winners will be posted there. Prizes can be picked up Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Prizes not claimed at the event will be recycled.

Merchant Rewards Program

Merchants reward their loyal customers – now it’s time to turn the tables. Did one merchant really go out of his/her way for you? Did one display wares of incomparable quality? Did one really satisfy your need for a bargain? Visit the Kavehane to vote for the merchant who really made your (shopping) day! The site fees for two winning merchants – one small and one large – will be refunded.

Merchanting at NOWM

If you would like to merchant at NOWM, please consult the Merchanting at NOWM guidelines.