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Rules and Regulations

Failure to comply with any site rule may be a cause for ejection from the event without refund. In all disputes the decision of the Autocrat(s) is final.

  • No campers or RVs on site – tent camping only.
  • Any areas marked with yellow caution tape are off limits.
  • All cars must be parked appropriately after unloading.
  • The speed limit within the site is five miles per hour.
  • Children (all attendees under 18) must be under adult supervision and wear the wristband issued by the Gatekeepers. Removal of the wristband is cause for the child and their family to be asked to leave the site immediately without refund.
  • Camping: Please keep tents as close together as possible while allowing three feet of separation between walls and keep common spaces to a reasonable size. The autocrats will ask for tents to be moved to comply with these rules if necessary.
  • Fire Safety: Fires are permitted in fire pits or fire-rings and must be ten feet from any tents; torches should be kept their length plus one foot from any flammables; and fire extinguishers or water buckets should be available and near any sources of fire. Fire pits must be filled and re-sodded before departure.
  • See below for information on transporting firewood.
  • Swimming is permitted only from the beach and within the marked crib. Diving from the dock area is forbidden. Swimming is at your own risk, and no lifeguard is available.
  • Noise should be moderated after 10:00PM, and quiet hours will be observed in the camping areas from 1:00AM-7:00AM.
  • The site is wet; however, all mundane laws relating to the consumption of alcohol apply: the legal drinking age in Ohio is 21.
  • Please ensure that all trash is placed in the appropriate containers, and please be particularly careful that no cans or bottles are left on the beach.