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Rapier Combat

Credit: Elashava Bas Riva

Cynwrig ap Llywelyn

Marshal In Charge
Cut and Thrust Marshal In Charge

Credit: Ginevra Boscoli

Brangwayn Snowden

Twilight/Torchlight Marshal in Charge

Rapier Schedule

Dusk Twilight Tourney
9:00 AM Authorizations. List opens. Authorizees – get there around 9 so that you can finish in time for the War Practice. Marshals, MITs, and fencers are welcome to help.
10:00 AM Regional War Practice Bring your rubber band guns if you have them. One of the War Points at Pennsic includes RBGs!
12:00 PM Lunch List available for sparring as long as a marshal is present.
1:00 PM Round Robin Tournament and Champions Team Practice Champions Team members and candidates, come and get coaching. Non-Champions Team Members, come give them a good workout and show them up by winning the tournament.
Youth Tournament A youth tournament will be held if there is sufficient interest. Please let a MIC know.
Cut & Thrust List space will be available for cut and thrust play throughout the afternoon.
3:00 PM Pirate King/Queen Tournament It is good to be the Pirate King/Queen! Unfortunately, the other pirates do not have the wisdom to realize it should be you. Come Shanghai other pirates onto your crew and defeat other contenders. Argh!
4:00 PM List Closes